Through the unbeatable combination of radio, outdoor, and indoor advertising, we reach nearly 1 million people daily nationwide.

Our agency is familiar with effective INDOOR and OUTDOOR advertising methods in the Republic of Moldova.

Creative, outdoor advertising,
radio, OOH, and media.

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As an advertising agency, we add value to brands by supporting them in advertising campaigns. We share uniquely integrated perspectives across all elements of outdoor advertising to deliver well-thought-out campaigns!

We offer national coverage in over 30 cities in the Republic of Moldova where we have already executed campaigns for brands of all sizes.

Out-of-Home Advertising

The sustainable and consistent growth of a brand involves well-defined media strategies, and Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising is the strategic choice for any brand, playing a significant role in adding touchpoints and maximizing frequency. As an advertising agency, we cover all the Out-of-Home advertising options listed below!

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  2. Wallboards

  3. Bus stations

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Who do we work with?

Creative, outdoor advertising,
radio, OOH, and media.

Trendsetter, with over 14 years of experience, stands as a solid pillar in the non-TV advertising industry in the Republic of Moldova. We have solidified our position as a leader due to our commitment to quality in delivering advertising solutions.

Trendsetter provides advertising and redefines how it is perceived and measured. With an extensive range of OOH options and innovative monitoring tools, we are your strategic partner for a sustainable presence in the advertising market.